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For a handful of years, I’ve published a list of my favorite //and reads of the year, but gradually other media have snuck in. So for the in a row, I’m including links, books, podcasts, videos, and some extras. Still just 10 items long, plus a few bonus tracks as usual.

Wishing everyone a great 2020 ahead! Let’s get to it.


This was #6 on last year’s list, but this year it’s out in paperback. (Do I need to put it in the intro paragraph next year?) Completely amazing in every way; do not hesitate. Perfect gift too.
Susan Orlean, October 2019

Sobering. And fascinating.
Jason Kottke,, July 2019

I did treat myself to the 11Pro in fact. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten the flagship, fwiw, so I’m feelin’ pretty good about this one.
Sawyerhartman, November 2019

Definitely some objectionable stuff in here, but worth a listen for sure.
Now, Near and Next, November 2019

I can never watch enough of these.
Wired, May 2019

I remember being so inspired by this the day it came out. You too?
The Intercept, April 2019

A highwater mark that’s sure to stun.
Jyni Ong, It’s Nice That, October 2019

Of course, this is just a friendly reminder.
Scott Mautz,, (date hidden)

Wonder what the hell “Omega-3 fatty acids” are? Well, no longer. And it’s fascinating. I love science, and I love jargon, and I especially love learning about chemistry in the body. You will too. Promise.
The Peter Attia Drive, December 2019

I cannot believe that I didn’t know about this. But everyone I’ve shown it to hasn’t known about it either. (Truth be told I first saw this on TikTok :|)
Jennifer Still, Travel Dares, June 2019

There’s a #11 in here because you should always deliver more than you promise, and this article is the only way to end this list. (Also, the essay I wish I’d written…along with every essay that Mike Monteiro has ever written!)
Mike Monteiro, Medium, December 2019


I did watch this all the way through. (Time to pay up for no-ads already?)
Yarn2tog, December 2019

Yikes. Basically never leave your home. (Though there’s meat in there too.)
College Humor, May 2019

This is the product that I am absolutely kicking myself for not funding. If anyone out there’s got one, or bored of it, and wants to sell…

Ack, 4 bonus tracks aren’t really “a bonus track” any longer, but it’s the last year of the decade. So let’s surf!
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